EaW Tournament World

Elavluation Tornament

(TrueSith) is having a 1v1 evaluation tournament which means people will be demoted,promoted or stay the same rank this is the chance for the TrueSith that deserve a new rank! we want you to have fun and play nice and if you take someones rank do not gloat about it or we will fix that and if you lose your rank do not worry you will have a chance to get it back and you will still be a important role in TrueSith! The tournament will be this Saturday April 17th.


 -(TrueSith) only

-No Cons

-1v1 maps only

-No gloating

-No gliching


Tournament Problems--------------------------------------------------------------If u lie about losing it could lead to demotion or expulsion. If there is a connection problem we will try to fix it if not put you against someone else if you do not connect to that you will be disqualified from the tournament  and be evaluated from that.